What types of Agent Partnership programs are available?

We engage with partners who fall under these categories:

  • Our Sales and Marketing Agreement for Corporate Agencies is perfect for both real estate agencies and non-real estate agencies including its employed consultants who bring deals to our attention to earn for sales commissions
  • Our Sales and Marketing Agreement for Individual Agents is perfect for those who have referrals but won't be necessarily acting in a resale capacity

How do we become a partner?

Take a look at the program details to review the details of our SLS Dubai Agent Partner Program. If you like what you discover, we encourage you to complete our Agent Partner Program Application Form.

Our Agency Relations Manager will respond by email or phone to get the ball rolling. After a brief assessment, we’ll forward a Sales and Marketing Agreement for your review and corporate signature.

Once the agreement is complete, we’ll jump right in with a partner briefing and consultative support.

What documents do I need to submit to complete my application?

For Companies:

  • Trade License (if operating in UAE) or Memorandum of Association or Shareholders Certificate (if operating outside UAE)
  • RERA Certificate (for Dubai-based real estate entities only)
  • Latest Passport copy of the Owner or Majority Shareholder/s and/or visa page or residency ID (with signature specimen if the person is the signatory)
  • Power of Attorney (in case the signatory is not a licensed member from the company documents)
  • Latest Passport copy and/or visa page or residency ID of the Authorized signatory with signature specimen
  • Broker ID Card of the Signatory (for RERA-based agencies only)
  • Valid Tax Registration Certificate (for UAE-companies only)

For Individuals:

  • Colored Passport copy
  • VISA copy
  • National ID or Emirates ID copy
  • Address proof of document (If any)

What kinds of Agent Partner support do you provide?

We provide several resources for our Agent Partners, including:

  • Access to our Unit Inventory
  • Receive resale discounts
  • Access to marketing and sales resources and materials
  • Access your client’s information and sales transactions
  • Manage your client documents and payments to collect instant commission

What is your Agent Partner compensation?

All registered partners are entitled to receive discount pricing as defined in their Sales and Marketing Agreement. Depending on the type of partner relationship you have with us, you may be entitled to additional compensation:

  • Corporate Agencies and their registered agents are entitled to commission based on the market category they operate in and the value of the sales opportunity. For more information, consult with our Agency Relations Manager.
  • Individual Agent partners are entitled to a commission for the referrals they generate based on the market, product, and value of the sales opportunity.

What types of trainings are offered?

We regularly conduct Brokers Briefing held in our Sales Suite. Once you become an Agent Partner, you will be promptly receiving announcements and invitation for all our training events.